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Are you looking for COOL & UNIQUE music for your BALLET classes?
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This website is loaded with beautiful piano music for BALLET - almost 200 selections of original compositions & pop covers which are all exquisitely recorded on an acoustic grand piano in a professional recording studio.

Original music can be found in the 'Dancing Keys' CDs and our POP & MOVIE soundtrack arrangements can be heard on the 'BPM - Ballet Pop Music' CDs. (Check out our latest new songs on the 'BPM - Ballet Pop Music 3' CD).
There are currently 13 songs for you to sample on this album but all 30 will soon be available!

Also the music in the 'Kompilation for Kids' album is tremendously popular in ballet classes for young children.
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Almost forgot, I have sheet music downloads available on the SHEET MUSIC page.

Whether you're a professional dancer, DANCE teacher, or a student - there is music for everyone here.

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Gill Civil 


                         Gill Civil

New Zealand composer now based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, has long been inspiring professional dancers and ballet students alike with her energy infused piano music. 

She has worked for major dance companies in Australasia and Canada and during the 80s was a full-time accompanist at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia.  

Before moving to Canada in 1990 Gill recorded and toured with several bands, including the renowned pop band Crowded House - she played keyboards on their 1986 Australian tour.  

A classically trained pianist, Gill is a prolific composer of solo piano music. Her "Dancing Keys 1,2 & 3" CDs have found an international audience with ballet and modern dancers as well as fans of New Age music.  

In July 2016 Gill was invited to play at the International Dance Seminar in Brasilia. She entertained the young Brazilian dancers with music from her latest releases “BPM – Ballet Pop Music 1,2 & 3” which feature covers of current pop songs and movie soundtracks.  

Gill accompanies ballet classes for Arts Umbrella, Simon Fraser University and Lamondance.

Gill Civil - Composer - Photo by

Gill Civil - Composer - Photo by