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This website is loaded with beautiful piano music for BALLET - almost 200 selections of my original compositions & pop covers which are all exquisitely recorded on an acoustic grand piano in a professional recording studio.
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Gill Civil 


Gill Civil

A composer hailing from New Zealand and now based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, brings a rich tapestry of musical and dance experience to her craft. With a classical piano foundation, she honed her skills as a full-time accompanist at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia, during the 1980s, also finding time to tour as keyboardist with the renowned band Crowded House. 
Her celebrated solo piano compositions, notably the "Dancing Keys" series, resonate deeply with ballet and modern dancers worldwide, showcasing her exceptional talent and versatility. Notably, Gill's recent works, such as "BPM – Ballet Pop Music," demonstrate her ability to reimagine pop songs and movie soundtracks in fresh and captivating ways. 
Currently, she enriches the dance community by accompanying classes at top Vancouver institutions like Arts Umbrella, Simon Fraser University, and Ballet BC. 
Beyond her piano compositions, Gill has left an indelible mark on the dance world by scoring major works for esteemed companies such as the Australian Dance Theatre and even venturing into symphonic and film scoring. Her diverse portfolio includes collaborations with New Zealand bands like "Rhythm Method," "The Bongos," and "Marie and the Atom," with notable achievements such as her composition "ISOL" becoming the theme song for the NZ TV series "The Good Word." In 2020, she showcased her skills in scoring the NZ feature film "The Man On The Island," further solidifying her reputation as a versatile and innovative composer across various mediums.

Gill Civil

Audioculture Article

Gill’s Career in Music

Gill Civil’s career has taken many turns: street performer, experimental musician, keyboardist for Crowded House, classically trained pianist, ballet accompanist, and symphony writer…

Ballet Piano Podcast

Click on the link to listen to this recent podcast featuring Gill Civil by "BALLET PIANO PODCAST" - A podcast created by accompanists at the English National Ballet

"This week’s episode is with dance accompanist, Gill Civil.  Her life and career is so off the wall and varied, and in this episode we get to learn all about her work in dance, as we put the spotlight on her. 

From New Zealand originally, she has worked and lived in Australia, the USA and Canada, starting off her career in a punk rock band, working with Crowded House and Limbs Dance company, and playing for ballet classes throughout Australia, the USA, and Canada. 

She is also a composer of her own music for ballet and contemporary, which is produced by her husband, Edwin. 

This episode will not fail to entertain you with fabulous story after fabulous story about her life and career, which it seems is completely in the hands of fate and coincidence.  So many glorious happenings, you won’t fail to love it."